A Message from the Chief of Police

I would like to welcome you to the Everson Police Department. Our staff takes great pride in the service we provide to the communities of Everson and Nooksack. It is the goal of this department to consistently provide the highest level of service to our citizens.

Non-emergency contact for Chief Daniel MacPhee is 360-966-4212 ext 2200, or by email dmacphee@ci.everson.wa.us
If an emergency call 9-1-1


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Everson Police Department is to provide quality police service to our community by promoting a safe environment though a partnership with our citizens, with an emphasis on mutual trust, integrity and professionalism.



The Everson Police Department is comprised of 6 full time Officers, 2 Reserve Officers and Police Clerk. Together, the men and women of the Everson Police Department work and train to deliver the highest level of service to our community.


 Collective Bargaining Agreement

2016-2019 General Teamsters Union Local 231


Concealed Pistol License

The Everson Police Department accepts completed Concealed Pistol License Applications by APPOINTMENT ONLY.   Please call (360) 966-4212 Ext. 2100.

To be eligible to apply for a Washington State Concealed Pistol License (CPL) with the Everson Police Department, you must be a minimum of 21 years of age, and reside in the city limits of Everson or Nooksack. If you do not meet the residency requirement, you must apply to the city or county where you reside.

An application must be filled out and fingerprints taken. A Washington State Drivers License, Identification Card or other picture identification is required for the background check. Payment of the processing fee is due when you turn in your application. The fees are non-refundable if your application is denied. A CPL (if issued) is good for (5) years from the date of issuance.


New Application:
Cost:   $ 48.00
$36.00 - Cash, Check, Money order or Credit Card ($1.50 Fee for Credit card) payable to City of Everson.
$13.25 - check or money order payable to WSP

Cost:   $ 32.00 (90-0 days before expiration)
Late Renewal:
Cost:   $ 42.00 (0-90 days after expiration)
Cost:   $ 10.00 (If lost or stolen)

Concealed Pistol License Application click here.


Animal License

It is required to license your dog if you live inside the City of Everson or Nooksack.

In Everson, contact Everson City Hall Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. There is a (1) time license fee of $ 10.00 if your dog is neutered or spayed and $ 20.00 if not.

In Nooksack, contact Nooksack City Hall Monday through Friday (8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 103 West Madison Street (360) 966-2531. In Nooksack there is an annual licensing fee of $ 5.00 if your dog is neutered or spayed and $ 10.00 if not.

If your dog or cat is picked up by law enforcement, there are fees assessed that must be paid at the time you collect the animal. Animals that are picked up by the Everson Police Department are taken to the Whatcom County Humane Society 2172 Division Street 
Bellingham WA 98226. (360) 733-2080. For more information about the Humane Society go to: http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/WA7.html


Conviction Background Check

Criminal convictions are public record and available for a fee through the Washington State Patrol. (360) 705-5100, or you can visit their web site at http://www.wsp.wa.gov/

The Everson Police Department provides fingerprinting services for most purposes, except immigration. If your request is for Immigration or Naturalization, please contact that agency for a list of approved fingerprinting service providers.



You can be fingerprinted at Everson City Hall by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call (360) 966-4212 Ext. 2100.  There is a $ 10.00 fee per card for Everson and Nooksack residents; $ 20.00 fee per card for non-residents for fingerprinting services which are payable at the time of service. You are required to bring valid picture identification with you.


Disaster Preparedness

The Everson Police Department is constantly working with County, State and Federal officials preparing for disasters both natural and man-made. The City of Everson has a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which identifies our response to emergencies and working relationships with other agencies. For more information on disaster preparedness including local weather and road conditions go to: http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/201/Emergency-Management

For more information regarding Homeland Security go to: http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/


Public Record Request

The Everson Police Department provides copies of police reports and traffic accident reports for incidents investigated within the city limits of Everson and Nooksack If you are interested in obtaining a police report or a traffic accident report, the Everson Police Department Records Clerk will provide you with a copy upon receipt of your written request and payment of the cost of copies, which is 15 cents per page

How to obtain a case copy:

  1. Request: Apply in person by completing a public disclosure request form at the front counter of Everson City Hall. Present valid identification and pay the appropriate fee. The cost of copies is 15 cents per page. Your request will be processed in the order it is received and a response will be given within five business days. A response may not necessarily mean that the report will be provided by that fifth business day. There may be need for additional review to determine whether or not exemptions may apply to your request. You will be notified when the report is available. Your report can be mailed to you or you may pick it up in person.
  2. Request By Mail: Forward a letter with detailed information pertaining to the date and time the incident occurred, the kind of case (burglary, arrest report, traffic accident), and names of the involved parties, so the record search can be completed in a timely manner. You may be required to provide proof of your identity. If you are representing a business or attorney's office, please forward the request on your business stationary. The cost of copies is 15 cents per page. Send your request to Everson Police Department, Attention: Records, Post Office Box 315, Everson, WA 98247. 

Disclosure of police records is sometimes complex and involves many statute references that may apply to exemptions in the report. Those statute references include, but are not limited to, the Public Disclosure Law, RCW 42.17, Criminal Records Privacy Act, RCW 10.97, Keeping and Release of Records by Juvenile Justice Care Agencies, RCW 13.50, and the Washington Traffic Records, RCW 46.52. In some instances your copy may be edited to withhold certain information pending disposition of the case or for other reasons.

A police certificate (also known as a clearance letter, immigration letter of visa clearance letter) is a document generated by the Everson Police Department for residents for the city of Everson and Nooksack. This letter states that a search of all of your names has been done and that you have no criminal record or there is a criminal record on file with the Everson Police Department. This document is often required by official agencies both within the United States and within several foreign governments and may be required for a variety of reasons.

You may apply for this letter in person during business hours. You are required to provide current and valid identification because your identity must be witnessed and notarized prior to performing the service. The cost of the notary is $5.00 and your request is processed within five business days. Your certificate will be mailed to you or you may arrange to pick it up.

This document only certifies the lack of or existence of records in the jurisdiction of the City of Everson. If you require a more extensive background check, you will need to contact the Washington State Patrol Identification Section at (360) 705-5100 for further information. 


Sex Offender Information

The Everson Police Department is responsible for screening and monitoring registered sex offenders residing in Everson and Nooksack RCW 4.24.550 and the Washington State Supreme Court decision in State vs. Ward authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender release into their jurisdiction Sex offenders are classified into three levels (1-3). A level 1 sex offender is lease likely to re-offend with a level 3 being more likely to re-offend.  Public notification is based upon classification.

All sex offenders, which are released from the Department of Corrections, are required to register with the local Sheriff's Office. These offenders are classified upon release by the Department of Corrections and/or the Whatcom County Sheriff Office.  The Everson Police Department after they arrive in our jurisdiction. The Everson Police Department maintains a list of offenders whom reside in our community. You can discuss any concerns by calling the police department and asking for the Sex Offender Monitoring Officer. It is the belief of law enforcement that an informed public is a safer public. The Everson Police Department has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender may or may not live. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, these offenders are constitutionally free to live wherever they choose. For more information about Sex Offender registration or a list of level 3 Offenders go to http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/sheriff/sexoffenders/index.jsp


Community Policing

The Everson Police Department strives to work closely with the citizens of our community. Officers interact with students of all ages from Stranger Danger, to bicycle safety to acting as mentors in Senior Projects.  If you would like an Officer to speak to you or an organization on any law enforcement issue, just contact the Chief of Police for further information.


Block Watch

The Block Watch program is a nationally recognized symbol of neighborhood awareness. The Everson Police Department works with neighborhoods and other civic groups teaching crime prevention techniques. If you would like an in-home inspection or would like a Block Watch presentation in your neighborhood, please contact Officer Brown at Everson Police Department Crime Prevention Office and he will facilitate your request.  (360) 966-4212, Ext. 2240 or ebrown@ci.everson.wa.us


Reserve Police Officer Program

The Everson Police Department's Reserve Police Officer program was established in order to provide extensively trained, highly motivated, volunteer officers to assist and supplement the regular Police Officers. The Everson Police Reserve Program allows individuals to serve the community and gain experience in law enforcement, while working in their current line of employment.

Everson Reserve Officer’s commissions are consistent with state law. There are four levels of Reserve Officers. As a Reserve gains experience and training, he or she moves up the levels. The higher the level, the more duties and responsibilities an officer may have.

The Everson Police Department is not currently hiring Reserve Officers. You may pick up and return an application to be kept on file and be contacted when a position becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact Officer Brown by phone or e-mail at (360) 966-4212, Ext. 2240 or ebrown@ci.everson.wa.us.