City of Everson Applications, Forms & Permits

General Applications/Forms:

B&O Tax Submittal Form - **Updated reporting system in 2017. Contact City Hall to register your business and receive the form.

Business License

Request for Public Records - City and Police

Dog License

Community Center and Park Rental Agreement

Storage Space Rental Agreement

Employment Applications:

Employment Application

Police Officer Application 

Police Related Applications/Forms:

Vacation Watch Request

Police Ride Along Application 

Concealed Pistol License Application

Court Forms:

Municipal Court Time Payment form

Building Services:

Building Permit

Side Sewer Permit

Side Sewer Contractor License

Whole House Ventilation Worksheet

Energy Code Worksheet

Heating System Worksheet

Window Glazing Worksheet

Energy Credit Worksheet

Storage Container Permit

Land Use Applications:

Fees and Charges

Encroachment Permit

Land Use Permits Application

Long Subdivision

Short Subdivision

Short Subdivision Policy

Change of Zoning

Conditional Use Permit

Lot Line Adjustment


Ecology SEPA Checklist

Fill and Grade Permit

Floodplain Development Permit